Caring for merino

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We all know that age-old fashion wisdom that says buying one quality piece will last longer and have more use than buying a few cheaper pieces of clothing. We even wrote about it in one of our recent blog posts. 

Embracing quality and durability, even if it costs a little more, is always worth it. If you want quality garments to last a lifetime, it is good to always care for it in the right way. 

While our organic merino wool is created with a lot of care and truly nature's miracle fibre, that doesn't mean it is difficult to care for. 

In our latest blog post, we share some important facts and tips on caring for your organic merino, ensuring that you and your children can love it for longer. 

tips on caring for your super-soft organic merino
easy-care organic merino essentials:
stripe blue organic merino drawstring pants
drawstring pants
A comfy must-have for playing outdoors (or in) featuring a soft elastic to allow the little ones to grow.
grey organic merino bodysuit
organic merino bodysuit
An any-day, any-weather essential for your baby, and one that won't get easily soiled while they play and learn.
organic merino blanket
organic merino blanket
Luxurious and oversized: one they'll take with them as they grow. Great for double-layering on cooler days.

Choose the option that best describes you:

I am a new parent and looking at safe organic clothing for my newborn

I am a parent of a few children and like to dress them in wool

I am a parent and value design and style and looking for inspiration on how to dress my child using wool 

I am a grandparent who wants the perfect gift for my grandchildren 

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