how do I know if my baby's sleepwear contains harmful chemicals?

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Last week, we wrote a blog about different fabrics used to make baby clothes, the chemicals used in them and which ones you should avoid. 

While modern farming, manufacturing methods and affordability have a lot to do with added toxins in clothing, there are also some (well intended) government regulations that lead to manufacturers adding these toxins to their clothes.

In many countries, manufacturers are required to label children's sleepwear with how flame retardant they are, which sees some companies adding chemicals to their fabrics to gain this flame retardant quality (something that comes naturally in merino). 

While these regulations are put in place to ensure our babies' safety, the chemicals directly affect their developing brain and reproductive systems.

how do I know if my baby's sleepwear contains harmful chemicals?

Flame retardant chemicals are added to sleepwear primarily due to the combustible nature of the synthetic fabrics most pajamas are made of. 

For instance, polyester, which is most often made from petroleum and highly flammable, is the most common fabric used for children's sleepwear. Polyester melts at 252-292°C and nylon succumbs at an even lower 160-260°C.

Other fabrics, such as cotton, linen and rayon are also considered highly flammable. The addition of flame retardant chemicals is an extra step needed to counteract the flammable nature of these fabrics.

You can read more about fabric flammability here. 

how do I avoid chemical-rich fabrics while keeping my baby safe?

Opt for fabrics that naturally have the qualities that will keep your baby safe and comfortable, without the added health risks. 

New Zealand merino's inherent chemical structure makes it naturally flame resistant - temperatures must reach 570-600°C before it will ignite.  It also doesn't melt, which means that it won't stick to the skin like synthetics.

You can read more about the other natural benefits of merino on our website. 


If you want to learn more about fire regulations for children's sleepwear in your country, click on the relevant link below:

Australia/New Zealand




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