If you only invest in one item for your baby...

baby wearing striped blue bodysuit

...let it be one your baby loves and that’ll last the wear and tear of food and (often) daily washes.

We’ve all dosed on that cute outfit we saw on Pinterest or Instagram, complete with a little hat and booties! Well at least before we faced the reality of the first child.

Like many other things, parenting comes with some unexpected extras, like no sleep, ever...and soon, those cute outfits will be limited to your baby’s milestone photoshoots.

One of our top tips for simplifying the first few weeks with your newborn is to invest in quality garments that will last and that is suitable for day, night and any season.

A basic bodysuit is a wardrobe staple from birth to the toddler years and is one of the best investments you can make as a parent.

In colder months, it can be used to layer clothes for extra warmth. Come summer, it's the perfect basic top to pair with leggings, shorts or skirts.


here are our top 5 considerations when buying your baby’s bodysuit:

1. Choose quality over trends (plain, soft colours go well with everything) - you will only need a few items that will last for this child and the next. Added bonus: no cluttered drawers.

2. Make sure it is easy to fasten by doing the husband test: if he can close it at night without swearing, it’s a winner!

3. Buy one that is long enough for your baby to move freely - they grow quickly, so make sure the fabric is soft and stretchy.

4. Choose quality fabric that is kind to your baby’s skin. They wear the bodysuit against their skin all day, so it's the one piece you don’t want to compromise on.

5. Consider an option with long sleeves and one with short sleeves - you will have a suit that goes with every outfit, day or night, winter or summer. 

shop Roots & Wings Merino organic merino bodysuits

"We have to mention the perfect little bodysuit with a long fit. This is used every day as the perfect warm and soft inner-layer. And how amazing are the little mother of pearl buttons?"

- Ministyle Blog

other essentials for your newborn:

organic merino baby-wrap blanket

for swaddling your newborn or just keeping him/her warm, our cot-sized blanket has you covered, keeping your baby snug without over-heating.

organic merino rib vest

organic merino rib vest

another great base layer and can be put under the bodysuit for additional layering - merino against the skin is the best you can do for your baby.

organic blue merino long sleeve top
organic merino long-sleeve top
to add warmth, layer merino with merino, as the fabric layers breathe and your baby's skin will work together to regulate temperature.


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