quality and pureness

Choose the purest solution for your child

You will not find a matching quality and pureness anywhere else. New Zealand guards is unique nature and on top of that, the requirements for organic products are strict. Your Roots & Wings organic merino clothing is also GOTS certified giving you an additional certainty that you are choosing the purest solution for your child.

The merino sheep roam freely on the New Zealand Alps with fresh air and green pastures as long as the eye can see. A breath of that air is captured in your Roots & Wings merino clothing.

This is one of the key elements in the creation of the world’s best merino.

Read here what stresses a sheep and creates low quality wool (LINK)


Local presence in Denmark and New Zealand assuring high quality and adaptability to your needs

We’ve got local knowledge of the sheep’s living conditions in New Zealand and as a result, the quality of the organic wool our clothing is made of. Next, we shape it to fit the needs of Scandinavian and European families.

As a parent you can feel safe knowing the background of the fabric you put against your baby and toddler’s fine skin.


Discovered in New Zealand and tested on children

Roots & Wings Merino founder, Stine Smith, discovered the unique benefits of merino (LINK) after having only lived a few years in New Zealand. The benefits, enjoyed by both athletes and babies, have long been known in this untouched part of the world. The New Zealand merino was tested on own children and the result was a feeling of comfort and safety not found in synthetics or normal wool.

We wish to provide the same feeling of comfort and safety to Scandinavian and European parents – tailored to your needs for quality, ease of use and design.

Go explore and learn, and be safe doing it.

Created by nature and made for children, this product deserves to be shared.