Snow Good in Pure Organic Merino

Kids in merino enjoying the outdoors

Your baby's cutest outfit will always be his/her birthday suit! Unfortunately, cuteness isn’t the only criteria for choosing baby clothes…those little pieces of fabric work hard to keep your baby warm, cool and comfortable.

The challenge is, how do you keep your little ones warm when the evenings are rapidly getting colder, while still keeping them cool and comfy when the sun is shining?

To help you out, here are our top 3 tips:

1. Protect against the sun (even when it's cold)

Many people believe that sunscreen is only meant for summer. Many people also believe that sunscreen isn’t meant for babies.

If your baby is less than 6 months old, your best bet is to keep his/her skin covered and stay in the shade.  

For babies older than 6 months, always ensure that they are wearing sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, is waterproof and has a rating of at least SPF 15 (you can get their vitamin D in through supplements, at least while they are still babies).

Did you know? Clothes can be UV-resistant, too. Testing of various textiles shows that Merino Wool has a natural UV protection factor of 30+.

2. Is it an allergy or the flu? Make sure you know 

We’ve all experienced it: the season changes and the kiddies get sick (and often, so do we).

According to Life Science, seasonal allergies are often mistaken for colds and flu. Make sure you clarify what the cause of your baby’s sniffles is and treat it appropriately. 

Did you know? Allergies can be caused by your baby’s clothing. Organic Merino Wool picks up less dust and lint from the air, making it the perfect fibre for allergy sufferers. 

3. Choose quality, temperature-regulating material (and stop worrying) 

The biggest challenge during autumn is keeping your baby’s temperature under control. When they are happily playing or sleeping outside their little bodies can warm up very quickly and then cool down by nightfall or when the rain starts pouring down. 

Did you know? Merino Wool buffers the body’s microclimate in changing conditions to maintain comfort through natural air-conditioning. 

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