boy wearing grey merino top

After discovering the secrets of organic New Zealand merino wool, we've been wrapping up our own children in it since they were newborns - and still do it years later!

Like many other parents, we've tried and tested many organic and ethical fabrics, wanting just the best for our little ones. Nothing, however, comes close to the pure cloud-like softness, quality and durability of this miracle fibre. 

The best is - the benefits don't just end there. The list is seemingly endless, and you can read all about it here.

the benefits of organic NZ merino

We believe that the best way to judge a book (or piece of fabric), is not by its cover, but by what others are saying about it. And it seems that other parents love merino wool just as much as we do, whether dressing their little ones for warm weather, cool weather, sleep or play!

tried & tested merino favourites

"Wool heaven for your baby. It's both soft and wonderful to put on Lucca in the morning and the whole concept is just so divine from design to packaging that you can only dream to own it all!"

- Laura Lawaetz, Digital Director for Elle Denmark


"The feeling of dressing your child in such an amazing fabric [that] is sustainable and temperature regulating is a delight and something I can highly recommend to others."

- Magnificent Mama Magazine


"...these products where you don't believe your own eyes and hands (that are feeling the product)"

"The girls wore it all day Saturday on the weekend and wanted to sleep in it too. WE ARE CRAZY ABOUT IT. Now the question is, will it come in our size soon?"

- Fartifirepiger (blogger)



boy snuggling with his teddy

merino/possum blanket
Our merino/possum blend blanket was featured in Vores Børn, where it was lauded for its luxuriously soft, lightweight properties.


baby wearing north sea blue merino top and pants

long-sleeve organic merino baby top
Featured in Pregnancy Life & Style Magazine, our baby top is the ideal layering piece and makes for the perfect baby shower gift!


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