American Top Award for Best Onesie

Best Baby Onesie Bodysuit on organic merino wool-Award-Winning

Our organic merino bodysuit, a firm favourite among newborn and toddler moms, recently took home a Baby & Maternity Magazine 2018 Top Choice Award - where it was praised for its softness, ease-of-use and versatility.

The most important layer for your baby is the one that goes next to their skin...

Having recently won a 2018 Top Choice Award in the highly competitive ‘Onesies’ category, our bodysuit features oeko-tex snap buttons and truly the most comfortable, softest merino around.

“The material is so amazingly soft and the snaps on the bottom are easy to use.”

- Judge, Top Choice Award 2018, Baby & Maternity Magazine

Bodysuits are the go-to essential for babies. They can be worn as a shirt, an additional layer or an entire outfit. They’re a go-to baby shower gift and one that new moms can never have enough of.

This is one of the best onesies I have ever seen. It is so soft and my baby will love it. 

- Judge, Top Choice Award 2018, Baby & Maternity Magazine


Combine the versatile, classic design with the softest, pure New Zealand merino, and you’ve got a real staple for your baby’s wardrobe - no wonder moms and industry professionals all love it this much!

“That fact that it is organic is really important to me. And it so soft.”- Judge, Top Choice Award 2018, Baby & Maternity Magazine

When it comes to stocking up on essentials, whether you are expecting a new baby, getting ready to send baby to daycare or packing for a holiday, bodysuits will be a must on your list.

Layer our merino bodysuit under dresses, shorts or jumpsuits for the perfect hypo-allergenic, temperature-regulating base layer to keep your baby at their happiest, comfiest and most carefree.

“I love how this regulates the babies body temperature. The material is so soft and comfortable.” -Judge, Top Choice Award 2018, Baby & Maternity Magazine