the real must-have hospital bag check-list

On top of everything else you need to think of in week 35, you need to start packing your hospital bag

If this is your first child, you will probably have a hard time thinking up all the things that will happen and what would be good to bring.

If this is not your first child you will most likely be busy already and happily have forgotten that entire experience.

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We bring you the full list of what you need to bring to hospital:

For you:


Dark colours are preferable and will hide all sorts of stains.
  1. Front opening tops for day and night (3 or more)
  2. Pyjamas with buttons in front
  3. Nursing bras (3)
  4. BIG underwear in cotton - and we can't emphasise enough the black colour
  5. Socks
  6. Slippers
  7. Jandals/Flip-flops/thongs - many names but they will allow space for swollen feet
  8. Pants (3) in black - drawstring or your maternity pants
  9. Leaving outfit - it'll make you feel normal as you exit the hospital to your new life


  1. Hair ties - so you don't get caught up fighting with your hair during labour
  2. Tootbrush and tooth paste
  3. Deodorant
  4. Face cloth
  5. Lanolin for those broken nipples and chopped lips (e.g. Lansinoh)
  6. Facial skincare
  7. Breast pads
  8. Glasses or contact lenses
  9. Makeup


  1. Magazines and books to enjoy yourself in the days after
  2. Wheat pack or hot water bottle
  3. List of people & numbers to call after birth
  4. Snacks - to keep energy up. This is NOT the time to think about losing your baby weight
  5. Drinks
  6. Mobile phone & charger
  7. Number for your favourite take-aways. We all know what hospital food is like, and you need to produce good quality milk.
  8. DVD player/computer & music - to take your mind off things during early labour as well as a good entertainment later on

For baby

  1. Car capsule
  2. Blankets x 2
  3. Wrapsx 2
  4. baby oil (e.g. organic almond oil) for bathing and baby massage
  5. Baby bodysuits x 4 (the nappies will not always hold up)
  6. Socks/Booties x2
  7. Beanie
  8. Going home outfit
  9. Bottles / formula/ steriliser if you plan to bottle feed

Usually supplied by the hospital:

  1. Nappies
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Baby wash cloths
  4. Maternity pads


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