why newborns need a garment on their first day

Kathy and Stine met to talk about why it's so important for newborns to have the correct clothing in those first vital weeks of their life. 
Kathy Fray talks about how important correct clothing for newborns is
Kathy has decades of experience as an on-call midwife and shares what she saw when in the trenches.
Kathy is also an award-winning Best-selling Maternity Author & Maternity Consultant, thought-leader and keynote speaker. 

"I was working in a fairly high-income demographics, and I saw well-meaning parents bringing outfits to the hospital that would never be able to keep their newborn warm. Probably about 90% didn't bring correct outfits."

Kathy Fray

Stine has created the Layette in collaboration with Kathy, and can explain how merino is the absolute best there is for newborns. 
We really hope you'll watch the videos, as this is a project very close to our hearts. 
organic merino for newborn babies
We will add the videos below soon, where you can learn more!