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our story

Once we became parents we sought organic food and clean surroundings for our children. But when it came to clothing, we had no real idea of the origins of the fabrics we were covering their sensitive skin with.
Living in New Zealand we found natural New Zealand Merino. Outperforming regular wool on all accounts, and so lightweight. Pure and organic; soft yet strong like no other wool.



Outside play makes children smarter. It's true.

We want to support and encourage children and parents in spending more time outside. With the unique benefits of our organic merino children will have the freedom to play, to develop and learn in the great out-of-doors, no matter how small they are or the weather outside. Giving children roots to grow, and wings to fly.

“I couldn’t believe how I’d gone this long without knowing about merino. It outperforms regular wool on all accounts and is honestly made for children. New Zealander’s don’t boast, maybe that’s why their merino is such a well-kept secret?” Stine Smith, founder and owner of Roots & Wings Merino.


company facts

  • Founded in New Zealand in 2014 by Stine Smith
  • Affiliate opened in Denmark in 2015
  • Our main channel for providing merino to Danes is via our web shop (
  • We sell through a few select retailers
  • Taking the best of organic merino wool in New Zealand, matching it with classic Danish design



Internationally acclaimed, New Zealand born photographer, and author of beloved books such as the French Cat and New York Dog, Rachael Hale McKenna has teamed up with Stine Smith to create whimsical, heart-warming images for Stine's new export to Denmark, Roots & Wings Merino clothing. See more of Rachael's work here:


video - roots to grow, wings to fly

Experience children playing outside in organic merino.

View our 1 minute video (please contact us for the 15 sec introduction version) below or here:


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