Our fabrics

Once we had children, we realized how much we cared about the story behind the products we used with them.

We sought organic food, so we could trace the source and know what we were putting in their bodies. We looked for eco-conscious products that were kind to our children and the earth.

But when it came to clothing, we had no idea of the origins of the fabrics we were covering their sensitive skin with.

Living in New Zealand we found natural New Zealand Merino. Pure and organic; soft yet strong like no other wool. We’ve been wrapping our three boys in organic Merino wool since they were newborns - and years later, we still do!

Photo: Stine & the boys - always in merino when outside

merino works hard to protect our kids. and yours.

Merino is a super fiber. It is especially good for keeping kids warm and dry, and it’s luxuriously soft.

It protects them when they play hard. In Merino they can fall and scrape, find mud and muck, run and play freely in rain or shine.

 - and super simple to wash and dry and wear again.


Photo: boys working outside, always wearing merino as the inner-layer

from the pure New Zealand Alps to classic Danish design

Once we saw how practical Merino was, and how it was the only wool our children loved wearing, we knew we had to share this secret with Denmark. And so Roots & Wings was born.

We’ve sourced the finest organic New Zealand merino wool and turned it into beautifully crafted garments for babies and young children.

New Zealand quality materials and sewing craftsmanship matched with classic Danish design. It doesn’t hurt either that New Zealand Merino has been proven best in the world.

We love knowing that there is a pure story behind our kid’s clothes.

We also love knowing that while they are wearing Merino, they can be outside, exploring nature in well-designed, high quality clothing, all while staying warm and dry.

Photo: the Alps where our merino sheep run free, and kids stay warm in their soft wool 


We believe all parents and kids should discover Merino.

With Roots & Wings, they can.

Give you children wings today.


See how you can wrap your child in New Zealand pureness here

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