look after your merino

Our organic merino does not require complicated care. At Roots & Wings Merino we believe in making life easy for parents.

Our easy tips for washing and drying make your merino products looking good for as long as possible.

Please remember to always check the washing instructions as a few items do require hand wash (merino knitted products).

how to look after your organic merino wool


Wash your organic merino essentials in the machine on cold or wool programme.  Always use approved liquid wool detergent.

Use special stain removers if your garment is stained (beware of bleach!).

Replace washing with a good airing outside to get rid of minor dirt spots or just smell. The merino's self-cleansing abilities will leave it fresh and ready for use after a bit of air.

Line dry or even tumble dry on low heat (do note that over time constant tumble drying will add extra wear and tear on your merino).


Use bleach of any kind. Even some laundry powders contain whiteners that act like bleach, which will leave bleach spots and holes in your product.

Soak your merino product as that will destroy the wool fibres.

Hang your natural-coloured merino or white merino in direct sunlight. They will turn yellow as they have not been treated by chemicals or dye.  


If you do experience a bit of pilling don't be alarmed. This is just the short fibres leaving the surface. Once gone pilling will not re-appear on your merino garment.

We have chosen not to cover our garments with a synthetic coating so the short fibres will naturally appear and go away and you will be pill free after that.