Surround your baby in light and pure softness

baby boy in merino with his teddy

Imagine living on a cloud, going to bed in a cloud and waking up on a cloud. Wouldn't life be good surrounded in such light and pure softness?

New Zealand is known as the "land of the long white cloud", and we have captured a bit of that cloudy softness and purity in each of our organic merino blankets.

Made from our miracle New Zealand merino wool, all our blankets are luxuriously soft and the perfect size for a cot, bassinet or single bed. The merino's natural stretch makes sure baby is always comfortable.

So, as the in-between season is approaching with its changing temperatures and runny noses, send your baby off to a warm, cosy sleep with a soft-as-a-cloud merino blanket.

Of course, our blankets aren't just made for sleep time...they are also perfect to curl up with on the couch or to take with to snuggle up in a pram or car seat. You might even want to wrap one around your own neck and take that luxurious lightweight feeling with you on your next outing.

Merino is also self-cleaning, so simply hang it out for an airing once in a while and it'll be as fresh as new!

indulge in pure, organic merino comfort...

soft-as-a-cloud organic merino blankets:

organic merino baby wrap blanket

baby wrap blanket
Pure softness, a natural stretch and the perfect size for wrapping and swaddling your baby in. 

organic merino knitted blanket

knitted possum/merino blanket
Super-soft merino with lightweight possum for the warmest, purest indulgence.

organic merino blanket

organic merino blanket
Luxurious and oversized: one they'll take with them as they grow. Great for double-layering on cooler days.

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I am a parent and value design and style and looking for inspiration on how to dress my child using wool 

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