Beanie Focus

baby in merino beanie
If you and your new baby are into festival season or off to the mountains there is one piece your baby can't go without, the little baby beanie hat.
Even the toughest of babies are vulnerable to changing temperatures. Cold mornings and warm afternoons can be a very unhealthy mix for a little newborn. In any season.
mix in temperature can be hazardous for a little baby
Did you know? Babies are only able to start regulating their own body temperatures between 18 months and 2 years of age.
We've all lovingly doused over the cute rolls on babies' legs and arms. In fact, those rolls play a significant part in giving babies a so-called large surface-to-mass ratio.
Having a large ratio means that in comparison to adults they have three times the amount of skin to potentially lose heat from. And on top of that (...) their heads make up 25% of this skin area, which means that they are losing so much heat from their (not-so) little heads!

If there is little risk of over-heating (37 degrees Celcius and more), it is always a safe bet to cover your baby's head with a beanie.
Our merino is naturally UV 30+ protecting

Did you know? 
​merino has a natural UV protection 30+ . In a merino beanie your baby's head will be protected from the dangerous sun rays too.

By investing in organic merino wool, you can also feel confident that it will adjust to the temperature, so no need to worry if the day starts out cold and turns out being a little bit too hot - merino is a breathable fabric that will keep your little one comfortable in any weather.  

other temperature-regulating essentials:

pink organic merino bootie

organic merino booties
double layered to keep baby's feet warm and toasty. 

grey organic merino blanket

organic merino blanket
the perfect essential to cover up your baby when heading outside. 

stripe blue organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
an essential base layer to keep babies snug and warm.

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