Dry Feet Are Happy Feet

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Often, when we shop for our kids, we tend to focus on keeping them warm, dry and comfortable on top, but then forget that those little toes tend to get wet, clammy or cold too! In fact, when their feet are cold, the chances are that their body will feel cold too. 

Babies can't regulate their own body temperature until 18 months, with the majority of their body warmth escaping mostly through their heads and feet.

When they grow up, with all that running around, friction blisters are often one of the most common foot-related complaints.

Our high-quality organic merino socks will keep their feet warm, dry, comfy and protected, and is therefore one of the best investments you can make. With Stay Up Technology, they will also fit snugly and comfortably when they are kicking those little legs or running around outside. 

These knee-high socks are the perfect gifts, too, as they come in gorgeous (not to mention recyclable!) packaging that not only looks pretty but can be used for everything and anything  (from crayons to toys and cards), afterwards.

dry feet are happy feet



Our organic merino knee-high socks are the perfect go-to sock for anything from trips in the pram to kicking a ball to skiing a mountain.

Plus, they come in a variety of fun, colourful designs!





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cream merino knee high socks



Look out for our indoor -and outdoor lace-look merino socks for a more neutral look. These are the perfect socks to pair with smarter outfits, uniforms and dresses.




perfect for pairing with merino essentials

Organic merino drawstring pants

Our organic merino drawstring pants with a soft baby elastic around the waist are ideal to keep baby warm and comfortable come rain or shine, and indoors or out. 

Organic merino leggings

The perfect layering piece for running after balls in the rain or wearing skirts in the snow, our merino leggings keep little legs warm and allow for unstricted play and movement.



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