Fabrics to avoid

cream organic merino jumpsuit

We all know how sensitive our babies' skins are, so you'd think that buying super-soft, easy to wash and flame retardant garments will keep their skin protected in pure and soft surroundings.

The reality is a lot of fabrics commonly used in baby clothing may be harmful to your baby's skin and health, even in small doses. 

Once these chemicals and toxins enter their little bodies, they get stored in the fatty tissue. Detoxing these chemicals can be especially hard and sometimes damage is irreversible.

In our latest blog, we explore the most commonly used fabrics and the many potential health risks hidden in the chemicals used during the manufacturing processes. 


chemical-free organic merino essentials:


organic merino jumpsuit

organic merino jumpsuit
the perfect multi-purpose essential for cooler days or for sleeping. No artificial dyes used.

cream knitted merino blanket

knitted blanket
knitted in New Zealand from merino and possum fur, this is one luxurious piece to keep your little one warm.

cream organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
an essential base layer to keep babies snug and warm. No artificial dyes used.

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