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I had a massage today and I told no one.

Not because I wanted it to be a special "me" moment, but because I felt guilty for taking a break.

I even got my mother-in-law to babysit under the pretense of working (which is usually the case, I feel I have to add).

As mothers we're so used to constantly giving and caring for others before ourselves. It's a natural instinct. 

My wise massage therapist told me to stop being so hardcore and do something nice for myself.

This was after trying to release a very stiff shoulder muscle -  I hadn't even told her about my guilt over being there. 

So what gift should you get for Mother's Day? Because let's face it, we do like gifts. 

The best advice I got today was, imagine a good friend, you know her and her routines well. What could you do that would help her out?

Now imagine that friend being yourself. Giving yourself a present, especially in the spirit of Mother's Day, is so well deserved. 

So be inspired by some of our suggestions below this weekend, and know that you deserved every bit of it, and more:

1. take a nap or a bath with scented candles

You might be laughing now, because who's got time for mid-day naps or let alone filling the bath tub, for yourself (never mind that you do it for your kids every single evening, right)?
If you feel like it and the opportunity is there, go for it! You've earned it! 

2. buy yourself something you don't need

...just to remind yourself that you deserve it. Mental time out is a gift in itself, but a physical gift is pretty good too. It doesn't have to be expensive. A luxurious body butter or even a scrapbook. A nice scarf or a new make-up pouch...indulge a little. 

3. watch a movie in the afternoon (at home)

Get the popcorn and blankets and enjoy a lovely afternoon (yes, afternoon!) on the couch with your family. You will get so many cool-mum points for the extra screen time. And you get to just....sit.

I'm also training my boys to do foot massages. Great time to practice.

4. breathe, breathe, breathe...

Apart from the obvious that it keeps you alive, deep, correct breathing can do so much for your health and mental state. Something busy mothers/parents often forget.

Join a trial yoga class, either a real class or one on YouTube.

Try a meditation app (I've recently been introduced to "Headspace" - 10 minutes is all it takes).

So to all you other mums out there, stop being so hardcore and do something for yourself!!

x Stine

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The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” 

― Karl Lagerfeld


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