How to dress your children in any weather

two children wearing merino outside

Children are more susceptible to cold for a simple reason: Their smaller bodies lose heat rapidly. Another less scientific reason is that they usually don't agree with all the layers that come with protecting them from the cold, rain or heat.

And while we all want our children to roam free and enjoy all the beautiful things that the great outdoors has to offer, the question begs:

how do we dress them for any weather?

To start off, let's answer this question by saying what all parents have said through generations: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

The key to conquering any weather and keeping your little ones comfy at the same time, is quality fabric and proper layering.

In our latest blog, we share our top tips for layering when heading to the great outdoors, whether you are planning a ski trip, a camping weekend or even a day at the park. 


striped blue organic merino beanie
organic merino beanie
a beanie will prevent heat loss to keep your baby warm and toasty.
pink organic merino bodysuit
organic merino bodysuit
an essential layer to keep your baby comfy, whatever the weather. 
grey organic merino pants
organic merino pants
comfy drawstring pants with a soft elastic around the waist.

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