Kids Style Staples For August

kids sitting outside wearing merino top

It can be a struggle to determine what staple pieces our kids need in their closets. We know that they need those wardrobe basics as much as we do, but how do we know which pieces are best, especially since they grow so fast and need clothes that are perfect for all kinds of weather and occasions? 

The trick when choosing wardrobe staples for kids, is to focus on quality, versatility and functionality. 

Why not start with a few basic organic merino pieces (ticking all three boxes), then adding trendy or seasonal items as needed?

smiling girl wearing merino enjoying the sun

staples for girls

Create a versatile basic wardrobe, so that your little darling can add her own personal touch to her everyday essentials. 

Neutral basics are perfect for layering with shorts or tutus before they head out into the great outdoors to dream, learn and explore. 

kids in an umbrella outside

staples for boys

‘Boys will be boys,’ so when choosing staples for your little guy, it’s important to choose items that are functional, comfortable and soft as a hug.

Merino staples can withstand the wear and tear of kids' everyday activities, regulate their temperature and is easy to clean after hours of outdoor play.

mum and baby

staples for babies

It should be easy to create your baby's staple wardrobe, as their needs are very simple: temperature-regulation, comfort and protection from the elements.

Multi-purpose items, such as a bodysuit, are the backbone of your newborn’s clothing needs. It does the heavy lifting while extras like a swimsuit or jacket can be added as needed.


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