Make your child smarter – play outside

Research* shows that to make your child smarter and better able to focus they need to play outside in green surroundings. 20 minutes is enough to make a difference.

In winter, even 20 minutes can be a challenge. As the cold weather hits us it’s all too tempting for us to curl up inside for fear that the littlest family members might catch a cold.

The fact that we are spending so much more time inside is now a labeled condition called Nature Deficit Disorder (created by author Richard Louv).

Getting kids outside but knowing they would be happy, dry and warm became a mission for Danish Stine Smith, living in New Zealand. A mum herself, Stine found the best item to wrap her babies in during the colder months, was beautiful New Zealand Merino.

“I couldn’t believe how I’d gone this long without knowing about merino. It outperforms regular wool on all accounts and is honestly made for children. New Zealander’s don’t boast, maybe that’s why their merino is such a well-kept secret?” Stine Smith, founder and owner of Roots & Wings Merino.

Merino is a super fiber. It is incredibly strong yet so soft. Warm yet so lightweight – and it doesn’t itch like regular wool. It is produced and harvested sustainably and organically in New Zealand. Stine’s new organic label for children’s garments, Roots & Wings Merino, is launching in Denmark in October, right in time for winter.

Roots & Wings is a melding of the very best New Zealand Merino with simple, stylish and well-crafted Danish design.   With Roots & Wings, Danish kids will have the freedom to play, to develop and learn in the great out-of-doors, no matter how small they are or the weather outside.


Company infoRoots & Wings Merino is a New Zealand company with an affiliate in Denmark taking the best of organic New Zealand Alpine Merino wool and matching it with classic Danish design, specifically for the Danish children. It produces crafted soft merino garments for adventurous little souls, aged 0-5 years of age.


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*In Barcelona Researchers found that kids who spend more time outside in greenery performed better in cognitive testing.

An American study showed that outdoor play helps children to improve focus. Just a 20 minute walk in the park gives a substantial attention boost.


The researchers note: "Doses of nature' might serve as a safe, inexpensive, widely accessible new tool in the tool kit for managing ADHD symptoms."