Organic merino baby wrap blanket

...that’s why it’s so important to only use wraps you can fully trust to deliver softness, warmth and care while your baby is sleeping. Even if you don’t swaddle your little one, the blankets they sleep in can make a massive difference.

Our soft, lightweight organic merino baby wrap and swaddle blanket is one of our favourite items in our collection.

It combines 100% natural fibre with 100% functionality and is the perfect multi-purpose essential for baby whether it’s sleep time, cuddle time, feeding time or travel time.

for cuddle, sleep or travel time

"The merino wool is incredible in the many ways it can be used and naturally delivers all these advantages in the garments for babies and children."
- Magnificent Mama


best for swaddling with natural elasticity 

With its natural elasticity and temperature-regulating properties, our organic merino wrap and swaddle blanket keeps baby at a comfortable temperature, while allowing room for movement.



ideal cot size for sleeping

Stretch the cot-sized blanket to cover from side to side and tuck in under cot mattress

Use as layer closest to baby when sleeping, adding a knitted or other woollen blankets on top.



Use as a cover if you think you need one, or simply use around baby’s chest, so any spills will be absorbed by the blanket instead of getting a wet cold baby chest. The blanket will quickly dry and even when wet, it creates a microclimate between baby’s skin and the merino fibres to keep baby warm.

Additional benefit: it’s large enough to cover most of baby even when using the blanket around the chest, leaving baby warm and happy.


Whether you're taking a stroll with the pram, in the car or on a plane, the organic merino is always the best travelling companion for baby. Use it over synthetic seats and bassinets to add a touch of pure softness and keep baby happy and warm wherever you go.


wrap over other merino essentials for the ultimate comfort

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