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We all know how difficult it can be to get our kids to read. That's why we always try to bring an element of fun into reading, especially during this in-between season, when there tends to be a lot of rainy days spent indoors.

On Sunday, 23 April, we celebrated World Book Day, and we thought to share our favourite tips on making storytime a fun group activity. The best part of these activities? You can involve kids of all ages and still make it fun if they can't read yet.

1. become a storyteller

Dress up as your own character, or even a character in the book and tell the story in a funny voice, or using funny hand-gestures. Of course, not everyone is a natural storyteller, so why not invite other kids and ask around for volunteers - older brothers and sisters are usually popular choices!

2. join the library

Public libraries usually offer some events and activities, especially on weekends or during the holidays. 

Tip: The easiest way to make your child a keen reader is to read yourself. Why not put your feet up, enjoy a good book and invite your kids to join in?

3. put on a show

Every family has a drama queen (or king). Have your kids make up their own story and act it out for you, or even go online and download a script - there are plenty of those around!

Tip: If your kids aren't willing to perform, set up a puppet theatre and tell them their favourite stories using old-fashioned sock puppets. Little kids will literally settle for just a sock as a puppet, so no need for fancy equipment, just a fancy voice to act it out. 

4. word cards

Write different words, sentences, and part sentences on pieces of paper. Then, shuffle the pieces and hand them to all the players. One player starts by putting down a word or sentence, and then each player adds to it in turn using the cards that they have. There are no winners or losers, the goal is to create silly stories with the whole family, while also developing reading skills. 

Tip: The more words you write down, the easier the game becomes, especially for younger children. You can even use pictures if your kids are still very small.

5. story bag

Fill a bag with all sorts of toys and props, then sit down together and get ready to tell your story. Start by passing the bag around and giving everyone a chance to pull out a prop, then tell a story about each. 

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