Spotlight on Our Organic Merino Rib Top And Leggings

boy and girl in grey merino clothing

We all have that one or two (or three!) kids that are very particular and complain over uncomfortable clothing, itching, tightness, you name it. Strong opinions of what they’d like to wear are often voiced. 

This makes for long mornings and evening routines, not to mention tedious travelling.

You've been there?

We have. Many times.

We’ve been told by many parents that our Junior (2-5 years) rib leggings and tops, however, always slip on without complaints (some even ask for it). And there are a few reasons we think it’s such a best-seller...

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a few reasons we (and our kids) love them so much:

Unmatched softness (and still 100% wool – we don’t mix good quality merino with anything at all).

Freedom to run, jump and roll, as it’s so elastic and thin.

Hard-wearing and soft luxury often don't go hand-in-hand, but merino lasts the test of time and children’s play. It's also really easy to care for.

And of course, the thing all parents love the most (apart from the easy washing), is the temperature regulating abilities of organic merino, which means those fussy kids will be super comfy in any weather!

new stock available 

We are excited to announce that we have received new stock of our very high demand Junior (2-5 years) organic merino rib top and leggings, so you can now stock up on these easy-care essentials for the season. 

blue organic merino long sleeve top

organic merino rib top

An essential base layer to keep your child dry and warm when playing or doing sports outside.

pink organic merino leggings

organic merino rib leggings

With their soft elastic waistband, these organic merino rib leggings allows plenty space for play (and growing in).

our favourite, your favourite...

"The merino quality is without comparison and hands-down the best quality and softest I've ever put on my children. It is finer and thinner than regular wool, but it's actually superior at keeping the warmth and ensures that they've got a good core temperature."  

"The girls wore it all day Saturday on the weekend and wanted to sleep in it too. WE ARE CRAZY ABOUT IT. Now the question is, will it come in our size soon?" 

"Olivia put on a top and pants and immediately loved it. “Mom, it’s so soft!” Keeping the girls comfortable while they play all day is a number one priority!"

"My daughter is 2½ years old and has no preference on what to wear - except for this top - even though it is blue!
She picks it up herself and if it was up to her it would never come off! It has been on since the start of December every night and occasionally also during daytime - washed every second day and it is still soft and in shape!
I never do these ratings - but this top deserves 5 stars:-)" - Julie, Mother of 3

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