Tips on How to Avoid Decision Fatigue

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There is one thing Steve Jobs did really well (besides inventing products that people love)...and that was making decisions. 

We all have to make a tonne of decisions every day. From waking up, when you have to decide if you will sleep another 10 minutes or not, whether or not to wash your hair when you shower, what to eat for breakfast, what to wear to work, when to leave for work, what to have for lunch, whether to go to the get where we're going. 

As a parent, you also have to make a bunch of decisions on behalf of your children.

What you probably didn’t know about decision-making is that all this can lead to something called "decision fatigue", which can actually reduce your ability to make good decisions at the end of the day.

Steve Jobs, former co-founder and CEO of Apple, knew this, which is why he simplified his life by wearing the same outfit every day: a black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers. That way, he could focus on more important things, like revolutionising the tech industry. 

As a parent, how can you simplify everyday tasks so you can focus on making better decisions at home and at work?

Here are a few things you can do to avoid decision fatigue:

  • Simplify yours and baby’s wardrobe. Do what Steve Jobs did: pick a few simple items and buy enough of them. If you have a good base the rest is a lot easier.
    • Buy colours that will work with most other garments
    • Dress them in items from fabric that your child can wear in both cool mornings and warm afternoons – and even during recess activities
    • Go for simple washing instructions
  • Follow a weekly meal plan, or if you live in an area where you can get food and recipes delivered, you can completely eliminate all food-related decision making. An added bonus of having ingredients/meals delivered, is that it covers 90% of your groceries too!
  • Schedule exercise as a recurrent event in your calendar. That way you don’t have to make a decision every day on whether or not to go to the gym.

The in-between season (autumn or spring) is the perfect time to put your simplified decision-making to the test. While you would usually be faced with more decisions (what to dress your child in during unpredictable weather), when you invest in all-weather basics, such as our organic merino, you can be rest assured that your child will be comfortable, come rain or shine!

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