Warmth in the face of Winter

Pure organic merino from New Zealand

Hello warmth!

Here at Roots and Wings we laugh in the face of winter. Why? Because we know that when our kids are wrapped in pure, organic merino, they’ll be warm, dry and so comfortable, no matter what they’re up to.

Our latest blog “covered in snow” gives some more clues as to why this wonder fabric, mixed with Roots and Wings classic Danish design, is the best option for your babies and children this chilly season. 

Give your children roots to grow, wings to fly.


From the pure New Zealand Alps to Danish children

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organic merino wool - luxuriously soft and chemical free

Once we became parents we sought organic food and clean surroundings for our children. But when it came to clothing, we had no idea of the origins of the fabrics we were covering their sensitive skin with.

Living in New Zealand we found natural New Zealand Merino. Pure and organic; soft yet strong like no other wool.


forget about regular wool - merino is better for your child

Merino is nature's miracle product. But don't be fooled. Not all merino is equal.

Read about our merino or learn how merino is the best option for your child and outperforms other types of wool and fabrics you have tried

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