the merino difference

Merino is a type of wool. But it is far superior to traditional wool, wool blends or substitutes, like silk or synthetics. It performs better, far more comfortable to wear, lasts longer, easier to wash and as such, is generally more loved!

Even the experts think so.


here’s some proof

  • There’s no itch: Merino fibres are up to 1/10 the diameter of a human hair. This measure is below the threshold where prickle or itch occurs.

    Traditional wool is itchy on your child’s skin because it’s coarse thick fibres don’t bead as easily when pushed into the skin. Our merino is so fine it simply bends when touching the skin leaving only a feeling of softness.
    Your child can wear Merino in any weather, all day, right next to their skin. They’ll never complain of itch.
  • It’s certified luxurious softness:It only takes 5% coarse fibres in an otherwise fine-wool garment to feel itchy. Our certified organic merino is Oekotex approved with high quality checks. We do not have any coarse fibres mixed with our fine merino garment, only softness.

  • Wear, wear again and again. Then wash.Merino fibres breathe and are self-cleaning. After a hard days play, all your Merino garment needs is to be hung outside to air. If your child has added a wee smudge or two of dirt, simply wash in a standard wash. It won’t pull, pill or rip.
    Merino dries quickly too. Just a quick air dry or even a roll in the tumble dryer and you’re done.

  • It’s durable:Merino has an incredible stretch factor. It can be stretched 30% its own length without the fibres breaking. In comparison silk, a strong natural fibre, loses 20% of its strength when wet.
    Merino fibres might be thousands of times finer than traditional sheep wool but it is also thousands of times stronger.

  • Keeps its shape: our merino fibres can be bent 30,000 times without breaking. Compared to cotton’s 3,000 times and silk’s 2,000 times, your merino will always bounce back to its original shape.
    Treat it rough, wear it hard and it will keep its shape- unlike its contemporaries!

  • Keeps you warmer and drier:Merino can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in water without feeling damp, compared to silk which can retain only 11%. With its fine fibres, Merino bends to form a soft, natural barrier between your child’s body and the cold.
    Even in the wet, Merino works to provide warmth, drawing water away from the body. It also has a natural water repellent built into it that will keep initial water of.

  • But also keeps you cooler and safer in the sun!Because Merino breathers, and draws damp away from the body, it’s an excellent shoulder season material. A single layer of Merino will help to eliminate the um-ing and ah-ing over whether to take a jumper.
    Plus it has as a natural UV protection factor of 30+.

  • Loved by nature:Merino is not only a renewable product, it is also 100% biodegradable. Start with nature, and then give back.

  • Happy sheep: Our New Zealand merino sheep are raised in a more responsible and sustainable manner than merinos in other countries.


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