Why and how to choose organic

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At Roots & Wings, we take the word "organic" very seriously. Our merino is sourced from certified organic New Zealand farms where the merino sheep roam free, doing what sheep do, thinking sheepy thoughts and enjoying their life in paradise.

Once a year, they are happy to have their heavy fleeces shorn. And every year, they grow it back again - luckily for all of us.

What this means to you, is a more pure and better looking garment. Less dye is needed for the naturally white fibres to take in colour and less pilling as the fibres are long and strong.

Unfortunately, not all organic clothing is created equal, and standards vary around the world. 

In our latest blog, we tell you more about what to look out for when buying organic, the telltale signs of faux organic products and how you can make the right choices when shopping for organic and sustainable clothes for you or your kids.


certified organic merino essentials:

organic merino jumpsuit

organic merino jumpsuit
the perfect multi-purpose essential for cooler days or for sleeping. No artificial dyes used.

cream knitted merino blanket

knitted blanket
knitted in New Zealand from merino and possum fur, this is one luxurious piece to keep your little one warm.

cream organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
an essential base layer to keep babies snug and warm. No artificial dyes used.

Choose the option that best describes you:

I am a new parent and looking at safe organic clothing for my newborn

I am a parent of a few children and like to dress them in wool

I am a parent and value design and style and looking for inspiration on how to dress my child using wool 

I am a grandparent who wants the perfect gift for my grandchildren 

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