May 03, 2017 2 min read

As an ethical and organic clothing brand, the factory visit is an important and frequent appointment in our calendar.

In such a competitive industry, it has become exceedingly difficult to compete with the low prices of Asian countries. So to us, the most important differentiating factor in justifying the slightly higher cost of our manufacturing, is where and how our clothes are made.

merino fabric close-up

people-focused factory

Our merino is manufactured in a small, rural town in New Zealand. Walking into the factory, it is more like a collaborative workspace, where artisans can hone their craft in a clean, well-lit and safe environment.  

between the mountains and the sea

The factory is situated on a scenic spot, where the mountains meet the sea and fresh air and water is abundant. 

Of course, being surrounded by all this beauty means that the factory takes great care to preserve the environment, which is done by using processes, dyes and chemicals that are environmentally friendly keeping the air and waterways healthy and clean.

our factory is in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand

the process

We have dedicated artisans that focus on dying, threading and quality checks that adhere to the strictest international standards. That means, if it's not on standard, it won't be used. 

pure & clean

Our merino is washed with pure mountain water. Typically, chemicals would need to be added to soften the wool, however, this water has natural softening qualities, which means that our process remains pure, clean and safe. Only in New Zealand.

There are of course more stages to get the garment to you – packaging, freight, more packaging (did we mention our garment packaging is meant to be re-used for kids snacks? We try to avoid waste where we can). If you have any questions about our manufacturing process, whether sourcing, design or packaging, feel free to contact us.

It is important that you know where your baby's clothes are from, and who makes them. 

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