July 06, 2017 3 min read

July is a very special month, wherever you are in the world. The schools are out and for many families, that means fun holidays in the great outdoors; from swimming and music festivals in the northern hemisphere, to skiing and stories by the campfire in the southern hemisphere.   

While these are definitely special times spent enjoying nature and bonding with family, the packing and preparing for it? Not so special.

If you're going on holiday with your little baby, you'll know that small size person does not equal handy-size luggage. You want to be prepared for any situation, illness and weather forecast so your little one can stay warm, healthy and safe. 

Here are some of our top clothing tips for dressing your little ones on your outdoor holiday:

cotton is great, but a few things to be mindful of

Cotton is extremely popular for children's clothing and works as a great natural fibre in the summer months. However, if the temperature drops it's probably the last thing you want on your baby's skin when going on an outdoor adventure. Cotton holds its moisture and transfers heat away from the body ten times faster than bare skin - not a good thing, considering how quickly babies' bodies lose heat.

Wear merino underneath your cotton: Merino absorbs 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling "clammy". It also has a wax-like coating that will initially help to repel moisture and keep your baby drier and warmer for longer. 

cool them down

Baby's are only able to start regulating their own body temperatures from 18 months onwards, which means they need their clothes to do it for them. To avoid over-heating, pack loose fitting clothes and a hat to provide some shade. It's also vital that you keep the little ones hydrated when they are playing outdoors.

Use superfine merino to protect against heat and sun: Instead of buying big, baggy clothes, opt for multi-purpose merino, which has amazing natural temperature-regulating benefits. It also has the added benefit of a 30+ UV protection factor, meaning that your child is more protected against sunburn. Be sure to still pack the SPF for exposed skin, though!

warm and toasty

Did you know that up to 20% of bodyheat is transferred from your head? Besides the fact that they cannot yet regulate their own body temperature, babies also have a larger head-to-body ratio, which means they get colder much quicker. Be sure to pack appropriate headwear to keep those little heads covered in cooler weather, and even in summer, when the nights can cool down.

Be prepared - bring merino in the hand back: Just like merino keeps your baby cool when it's hot, it forms a micro-climate around his/her little body, keeping it comfortable all day (and night). So keep as a minimum a beanie in your handbag and you're prepared for dropping temperatures.

keep it clean

Wherever you are going on your holiday, doing the laundry should not be high on your priorities list. Be sure to pack clever by choosing pieces that can be worn more than once, dry quickly and can be mixed-and-matched.

Merino is self-cleansing (yes!):Merino is a porous fabric that breathes with the skin, meaning that it doesn't get smelly as quickly as other fabrics. Most often a natural airing will self-clean the merino. If you have a natural disaster on your hands (in the shape of a diaper), simply wash the merino, wring it out and hang it up - it will dry up in no time!

With proper planning and a little preparation, you shouldn't have to worry about taking your little ones on holiday, and letting them run free and be kids.  

organic merino outdoors

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