February 22, 2018 2 min read

So you've made the decision to shop ethical when it comes to buying clothes for your kids (and/or yourself)? 
In one of our recent blogs, we shared the difference between eco and ethical fashion, and the importance of knowing the difference if you want to be a truly responsible consumer. 
While the differences are pretty big and pretty clear, once you know them, it can still get complicated when it comes to the actual shopping part. 
Below, we share some of our top tips to help you make ethical shopping easier on yourself and to help you share your newfound knowledge with your friends and family...
1. Get comfortable with different currencies
Partly like Roots & Wings Merino, a lot of ethical brands are online-only. While that may mean that a lot of your favourite ethical brands are based in another country, most ship internationally. You'll have that much more choice!

Becoming familiar with other currencies will not only open up to more ethical shopping opportunities, but also make it easier for you to convert to your own currency and to spot sales or added value deals when these come up. 


2. Shop all-seasons or end-of-season

When you're being thoughtful about what you buy, you don't have to be rushed into buying everything the moment it's in season. Plan ahead. Buy quality fabrics, such as merino, and classic pieces that will be in style whatever the season. 


3. Check for sign-up savings

Often, the first time you visit a brand's website they'll offer you a discount as an incentive to sign up for their newsletter. Always take it! Signing up will also keep you updated on the latest sales or new collections. 

With Roots & Wings Merino, you get 15% off your first order when signing up for our newsletter. 


4. Refer your friends

Just like offering sign-up incentives, lots of companies offer referral perks. What's more, you actually get to convert more people to become ethical shoppers!




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