Back to school

girl wearing organic merino top


School is most definitely back! Some call it the silly season (and not in the fun Santa and mulled wine kind of way). If you have two or more little ones to pack lunches for, get up and out the door in the morning, that holiday feeling is probably already just a distant memory.

Whether your little ones are excited first-timers or seasoned campaigners, the everyday school routine craziness drives most moms to wish for a little more practicality.

One way to simplify your routine, of course, is to take a look at your kids' closets first. Whether they wear uniforms or casual clothes, every parent wants their kids to be comfortable, stylish and safe during the day (and preferably save yourself from mountains of laundry after busy days of playing and learning!)

Our little ones' school clothes need to be hard-wearing to face busy days in- and outdoors, but they also need to be gentle on their young skins and comfortable to allow for lots of running and exploring, while still protecting them from sudden rain, chills or overheating. 

In our latest blog, we share some of our favourite ways in which organic merino can simplify your kids' wardrobes (and therefore your life).

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easy care, easy wear organic merino essentials:

grey organic merino drawstring pants

drawstring pants
A comfy must-have for playing outdoors (or in), with a soft elastic to allow the little ones to grow.

stripe blue organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
Any-weather essential for school days or weekends, and one that won't get easily soiled while they play and learn.

pink organic merino booties
organic merino booties
Double layered organic merino booties will keep those little feet warm and toasty.

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