September 14, 2017 2 min read

School is definitely back! Some call it the silly season, and rightly so, especially if you have two or more little ones to pack lunches for, get up and out the door in the mornings. 

Whether you have one or more excited first-timers or seasoned campaigners to look out for this season, most moms are already wishing for a little more practicality in the daily struggle that is the back-to-school routine. 

One way to simplify your routine, of course, is to take a look at your kids' closets first. Whether they wear uniforms or casual clothes, every parent wants their kids to be comfortable, stylish and safe during the day (and preferably save yourself from mountains of laundry after busy days of playing and learning!)

While we all know that our little ones' school clothes need to be hard-wearing to face busy days in- and outdoors, they also need to be gentle on their young skins and comfortable to allow for lots of running and exploring, while still protecting them from sudden rain, chills or overheating. 

Luckily, our organic merino is an all-in-one, perfect solution, which means you'll only have to stock up on a few high-quality essentials to last your little ones all season! 

Here are just a few reasons why we love nothing more than high-quality merino for the school season, which is perfect for layering underneath your little ones' (synthetic, yikes!) uniforms or other school outfit

1. Wear (and wear again, and again)

A parent's mind in school-mode is usually focused on saving time and effort. No one wants to be stuck doing laundry for hours during the week. 

Merino wool is amazingly low-maintenance and machine washable. You can read more about the ease of caring for organic merino here. Merino's durability and natural elasticity also means that your child's garments will withstand the wear-and-tear that comes with playing and learning with friends. 

2. All natural

Our super-soft organic merino is the perfect solution for those tricky in-between season sniffles. Its hypoallergenic qualities mean that your child's sensitive skin won't become irritated and scratchy.If you're concerned about the environment, stocking up on merino is also a perfect way to reduce your family's environmental impact. Merino wool will eventually break down, turning into nutrients that can be put back into nature, where it came from. 

3. Comfort first

Merino wool has a natural breathability, means that it will form a safe micro-climate around your child's body to keep it at optimum temperatures during cold or hot weather. 

This breathability also allows it to control moisture from perspiration to leave your little ones feeling dry and extremely comfortable in their super-soft, stylish garments for longer periods. 

organic merino baby clothes

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