Our Popular Organic Merino Jumpsuit is Back

baby boy in organic merino jumpsuit

Imagine to be wrapped in softness, nothing is tight, nothing is itching. You are never overheating and you are never cold either.

Our one-piece jumpsuit is made for ultimate comfort.

And now for the John Wayne inspiration....

Because our jumpsuits are inspired and thoroughly tested by the old westerns and cowboys, who slept and worked in their one-piece suits.

A concept we thought fitted very well for babies too. 

So we made a garment that baby can sleep, play and live in.

We love babies and they deserve the best.


"I simply love it! When putting my baby boy in this jumpsuit I feel I give him the very best in the world.
The jumpsuit keeps him at a perfect temperature whether I put him to sleep in a cold or warm climate; when I lift him up after his outside nap in winter, he is warm and happy and the same applies to when he sleeps indoor during the night.

The material is so soft and it keeps my son completely dry - even when his diaper is soaked or when he has spilled a massive amount of water on his chest. The jumpsuit keeps the well-fitted shape and the material keeps it's beautiful and luxurious look wash after wash."


Citat: Signe, mor til 2 små

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Little Quinn and Theo love their merino "These two are sleeping so much better when wearing their @rootswingsmerino"






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Read what popular blogger @ministyleblog says about our merino:

"We love these pieces because not only are the super cozy and adorable in their simple Danish design, they are really simple to wash and dry and wear again. The merino is carefully selected and hand sewn by skilled New Zealand artisans, and it shows in the quality. These pieces can easily be passed down to siblings." 

Quote: @ministyleblog


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our story

Once we became parents we sought organic food and clean surroundings for our children. But when it came to clothing, we had no idea of the origins of the fabrics we were covering their sensitive skin with.

Living in New Zealand we found natural New Zealand Merino. Pure and organic; soft yet strong like no other wool.

soft organic merino wool


Merino is nature's miracle product. But don't be fooled. Not all merino is equal.

Read about our merino or learn how merino is the best option for your child and outperforms other types of wool and fabrics you have tried.

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