Outdoors holiday

boy wearing merino by the sea


July is a very special month, wherever you are in the world. The schools are out and for many families, that means fun holidays in the great outdoors; from swimming and festivals in the northern hemisphere, to skiing and stories by the campfire in the southern hemisphere.   

While these are definitely special times spent enjoying nature and bonding with family, the idea of packing for an outdoors adventure with small children, is not.

And the smaller the children are, the bigger the pile of bags seems to get.

In our latest blog, we share some of our top tips for packing for your outdoor family adventure, whether you are going on a day trip to a music festival or the beach, or planning a cosy camping weekend.

P.S. We guarantee it'll reduce the amount of dirty laundry you bring back from your trip!


our favourite outdoor holiday essentials:

striped blue organic beanie

organic merino beanie
a beanie will prevent heat loss to keep your baby warm and toasty.

pink organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
an essential layer to keep your baby comfy, whatever the weather. 

grey organic merino drawstring pants

organic merino pants
comfy drawstring pants with a soft elastic around the waist

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I am a new parent and looking at safe organic clothing for my newborn

I am a parent of a few children and like to dress them in wool

I am a parent and value design and style and looking for inspiration on how to dress my child using wool 

I am a grandparent who wants the perfect gift for my grandchildren 

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