Roots & Wings Merino for Growing Babies

two kids with an umbrella

The term "fast fashion" gets a whole new meaning when you have children - it seems like they grow out of their clothes by the minute!

Luckily, with Roots & Wings Merino, the organic fabric stretches and is very durable. This means your child can grow in our merino and still be comfortable and free to move.

The natural durability and high quality of pure New Zealand merino wool means that our garments often keep their quality long after your child has grown out of them. The fabric will look good despite any rough washing and wear and you can easily pass it down to new siblings - or give it away if you can part with it. 

the merino difference

shop our organic merino for every age:

grey organic drawstring pants

organic merino drawstring pants
comfy everyday pants with a soft elastic to grow in and a cuff that can be put down when your baby grows.

organic merino rib top

organic merino rib top
this top's rib stretch, combined with merino's natural elasticity, results in the most comfortable wear for your growing children.

organic merino blanket

organic merino blanket
luxuriously soft blanket - the large size easily allows double wrapping of little ones and will follow them as they grow.

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