TOP TIPS SERIES 1: Simplify Ethical Shopping

children hanging out in organic merino top and leggings

So you've made the decision to shop ethical when it comes to buying clothes for your kids (and/or yourself)? 

In one of our recent blogs, we shared the difference between eco and ethical fashion, and the importance of knowing the difference if you want to be a truly responsible consumer. 

While the differences are pretty big and pretty clear, once you know them, it can still get complicated when it comes to the actual shopping part. 

This week, we share some of our top tips with you on the blog to help you make ethical shopping easier on yourself and to help you share your newfound knowledge with your friends and family!

One of our favourites is to shop for all-seasons, where it's possible, or even end-of-season if you can. 

This way, you're not rushed into buying and can actually plan ahead.

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When you buy organic merino clothes for your little ones, you can feel confident that you are investing in high-quality garments that will be perfect during any season, allowing more wear for the price you pay. 

any-season merino favourites

organic merino drawstring pants

Our organic merino drawstring pants have a soft wide children's elastic around the waist and a drawstrings to ensure a comfortable fit for any season. Turn the cuffs up or down to suit the weather and to "grow" with your child!


organic merino rib top

The perfect multi-season essential for boys and girls! Can be easily layered under a t-shirt or worn on its own. Our rib top is the ideal everyday garment for your kids to play, learn and live in. 


organic merino bodysuit

Our always popular bodysuit is an essential layer for all seasons, keeping your baby at just the right temperature and adding extra comfort with the merino's luxurious softness. 


other all-weather favourites

children frolicking outside wearing merino clothing

long-sleeve organic merino baby top
Featured in Pregnancy Life & Style Magazine, our baby top is the ideal layering piece and makes for the perfect baby shower gift!


organic merino baby wrap blankets

merino baby wrap blanket
Our merino baby wrap blanket is luxuriously soft and cot-sized - the perfect way to swaddle your newborn or just to use as a cosy cover-up.


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