Slow fashion is not only best for your child...

two kids in grey merino top and leggings

Think about all the clothes in your child’s drawers and closet. Now, think about how much you actually use on your child regularly.

Children grow, seemingly at the speed of light, so as parents it’s hard not to have a closet full of different clothing options and sizes ready for the next growth spurt.

Anyone who’s heard of or watched The True Cost also knows that we need to cut down on the amount of clothing we buy. We purchase 400 percent more clothing today than we did 20 years ago. Imagine how much of that is being trashed.

At Roots & Wings Merino, we live by the “slow fashion” philosophy. And we know that, through growth spurts and changing seasons, it pays to invest in quality items.

what is "slow fashion"?

Slow fashion is the process of manufacturing clothing ethically, taking into consideration the workers and the environment.

Although the clothing ends up being a bit more expensive, it is also more durable and made using better quality fabrics, such as organic merino wool.

When choosing baby clothes, make sure you make the right choices in terms of ethics and sustainability and focus on quality rather than quantity.

Here are some of our top slow fashion tips:

1. buy less

Ever heard the term “buying cheap is buying expensive”?

This refers to the fact that, when you buy a cheap garment, it is likely to be washed out or ruined after a few washes, which means that you will have to replace it every few months and it will not last for your next child.

When buying high-quality garments, your clothing will last a few years and is a better investment in the long run.

Kids’ clothes go through a lot of wear and tear from multiple wash cycles, food everywhere, playing outdoors and being handed down to the next child or neighbour.  

Babies don’t need that many bodysuits – a few quality pieces will do.

Read more about the quality of our merino here.

2. choose well

As a mother, you have probably been frustrated more than once by how quickly your baby grows out of his/her clothes.

With Roots & Wings Merino, we help you make the best fashion choices by being transparent about our process so that you know where your baby’s clothes come from.

Our simple and practical designs ensure that the garments will last even as they grow. The natural stretch keeps them comfortable and the durable fibres can stand most baby and child challenges, and still look great as they get passed down. 

3. make it last

Make your baby’s beautiful, high-quality pieces last longer by paying careful attention to the washing instructions. Also, keep in mind the following:

  • Baby clothes need to be washed separately
  • Wash clothes on a gentle, cold cycle
  • Attend to stains immediately
invest in slow fashion with Roots & Wings Merino

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pink organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
a high-quality, comfy bodysuit that will last for years - the perfect staple for your baby's slow fashion wardrobe

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organic merino drawstring pants
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organic merino jumpsuit

organic merino jumpsuit
a soft, lightweight organic merino jumpsuit that uses only the wool's natural colour and is fully biodegradable

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