March 08, 2017 3 min read

Our organic merino is a scarce and sought-after resource, found only on happy, soft-as-a-cloud sheep in the pristine New Zealand Alps.

Apart from the fact that it looks beautiful and feels like a hug against your baby’s skin, have you ever wondered how these soft garments are made?

organic merino for soft baby skin

The unique process from sheep to shop has been around for centuries, apart from the incorporation of new technologies and machinery.

At Roots & Wings Merino, our products are tested against the highest environmental standards. After all, we are passing this world on to our children.

Some of the things we put a great deal of emphasis on behind the scenes include:

  • Cruelty freeproduction: no chemical dipping or mulesing
  • No synthetic pesticides of herbicides are used at any time in the process
  • Meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • No exposure to chlorine
  • Non-toxic dying process

Organic New Zealand merino is the best choice you can make for your baby's skin.

We wash our wool in fresh mountain water to soften it, naturally.

we care for our wool every step of the way 

At Roots & Wings Merino, we ensure that we select the most ethical and natural option possible during each step of our production process.

A simple, 4-step process is involved in transforming freshly-sheared wool into our beautiful, wearable garments:

Step 1: Shearing and grading

Merino sheep are sheared once a year. After shearing, the fleece is sorted and ‘graded’ based on the overall quality.

The high-quality wool used for clothing usually comes from the shoulders and sides of the sheep.

Did you know?Not all merino wool is equal. Like your own hair and nails, the wool fibres will break if the sheep is stressed. So make sure the merino you wear is from a happy sheep living a good life

Step 2: Cleaning and carding

After sorting and grading, the wool is scoured to remove any dirt and grease.

The tangled fibres are then opened up through a "carding" process, and combed into a wool top.

Did you know?We use pure mountain water that contains natural minerals to soften our merino further. No chemical softeners are used in our process.

We only use the highest quality merino. Certified and pure. 


Step 3: Spinning and knitting/weaving

The wool top is spun and thread is formed. After our yarn is spun, it is wrapped around bobbins, cones, or commercial drums, where it gets either knitted or woven. Roots & Wings Merino use knitted merino wool for all our garments.

This is all done in New Zealand by merino specialists.

Step 4: Finishing

The finishing stage is a critical part of the process, where the yarn is crafted into usable fabric, which then gets sewn into our gorgeous garments. At Roots & Wings Merino, we use hand-picked expert local seamstresses with more than 30 years’ experience in working with organic merino wool.  

To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we check each and every garment twice: on-site by the quality control manager and by us before we ship it to you.

Did you know?Our dying meets the GOTS and is approved by the Institute of Marketecology. Unlike many manufacturers, we don’t use formaldehyde in our process, as our merino naturally provides many of these benefits already.

We strive to only send you perfection, so our quality control is strict and carried out in New Zealand.


Merino is truly a miracle fibre; blending lightweight comfort with softness and durability – it has never been this easy to style your baby with organic, sustainable fashion!


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