Top tips for dressing your newborn baby

baby sleeping with teddy bear

What do you dress a newborn in (especially when the temperatures are changing)?

They’re so small and fragile (and gorgeous!), yet they are taken in and out of prams and cots to be showed off, fed, changed.

It seems like, with such busy lives, newborns require the fabric of athletes. Luckily, merino is just the answer!

Here’s how merino saved us during those first newborn-months (and we hope they will inspire yours too):

1. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

...I learnt this in some course once. Probably for business purposes, but it never made more sense until I had my first baby. 

We all know that babies feel an obligation to spit, drool (and do many other un-mentionable things) when getting dressed, so preparation is key.

Although not necessarily handy in the worst of situations (only deep breaths and counting to 10 will save you then), keeping a bib on your baby when dressing him/her, will help for frequent drooling or spilling.

Merino will naturally repel a bit of water and absorbs larger amounts of drooling in the fabric. So your baby's chest is always warm and dry.

2. Buy baby-friendly clothes

“Sure,” you say, “aren’t all baby clothes baby friendly”? The short answer is no.

The key is to look for simple designs and soft, stretchy fabrics with wide openings for neck, arms and legs, and buttons that are located at the front instead of the back.

The last thing you want is a scratchy princess gown or complicated 3-piece suit. 

3. It’s all about technique

When it comes to getting the garments on, it all comes down to technique.

Stretch the neck openings slightly before easing them over your baby’s head; bunch little shirts up in both hands so there's less fabric passing over your baby's face; and reach through sleeves to gently pull your baby’s arms through instead of trying to force their little fists through the gaps (we know you’ve tried that, we all have!)

4. As a safety measure, always distract

When setting up your dressing station, make sure you include a basket with some small, fun toys that you can distract your baby with, or simply play a fun game to turn getting dressed into a positive experience. 

We’ve got three little ones and for the last one your face already goes into all sorts of awkward expressions when trying to multitask while dressing the baby -  and that seemed to amuse the baby.

At Roots & Wings Merino, our garments are made from naturally-stretchy, soft organic merino, combined with effortless Danish simplicity – perfect for dressing those tiny little angels!

the merino difference

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organic merino bodysuit

organic merino bodysuit
comfy bodysuit that will absorb moisture - keeping the chest warm and dry

organic merino drawstring pants

organic merino drawstring pants
comfortable and easy to get on and off (even for dads)

cream merino jumpsuit

organic merino jumpsuit
perfect for sleeping, as merino will capture any escaped moisture

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