November 17, 2015 1 min read

pure organic merino wool silky soft on childrens skin

For some years now, New Zealand has been holding on to a little secret.

It's loved by athletes across the world...and babies (we'll get to what they have in common).

Its abilities reach far above any of its peers' on all accounts.

It’s called merino wool.

Ok so they haven’t actually been hiding it. New Zealand is a long way from many other places. Now the world is discovering the amazing properties of the revolutionising fabric.

“Revolutionized” is actually a word American news channel ABC News use to describe how merino is changing performance athletic wear.

ABC’s rationale? Merino breathes, is incredibly soft and lightweight – molding to your body unlike standard sheep wool.

We’re with ABC News on this.

Those very reasons that make merino a great fabric for athletic wear are the same that we discovered when we began our Roots & Wings journey, creating merino garments for kids and babies.

Like athletes, kids tend to be active. Very active!

Finding a fabric that can not only withstand the usual wear and tear, yet also one that will keep them warm and dry in winter, cool in the heat and that they find comfortable – well, that’s revolutionary!

We’re glad we found merino. We encourage you to watch the story too.

Or if you want more information, directly related to our products, we’ve got heaps of detail on our website as well.

Give your little athletes the best start by wrapping them in our revolutionary fibre: Roots & Wings Merino.

X Roots & Wings.