September 01, 2015 1 min read

This has been a project dear to our hearts and we’re so excited to be bringing it to you.  

Many months ago, while visiting friends and family in Denmark, we realized that while we Danes love wool, we didn't have easy access to quality organic, soft merino clothing for children. This is something our kids have in abundance here in New Zealand; a wardrobe staple to keep babies and children warm, dry and free to play, no matter the weather.

It got us thinking and, eventually, creating! And so Roots & Wings was born.

Roots & Wings is a merino children's label designed by Danes, for Danes, made with the finest, purest and softest organic merino from New Zealand. You will not find a matching quality and comfort for your child anywhere else.

Our website is now open for viewing and soon our products will be ready to purchase as well.

We hope you enjoy reading our story, learning about the benefits of merino, and sometime in the very near future, wrapping your precious little ones in our gorgeous merino garments.  

Roots to grow. Wings to fly.

 x Roots & Wings.

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