April 18, 2016 2 min read

Our organic merino stands the test of play in all conditions - mud rain sun our merino has you covered

Last blog, we introduced a new challenge; to convert Danes to Merino. The woolvolution is here.

Why are we so passionate about Merino? Because as parents to three young boys, we’ve seen the benefits first hand.

We now live in New Zealand where, in places, the climate is not too dissimilar in place to Denmark. Warm summers, mild mid-seasons and winters that make you want to wrap up warm.

To ensure our kids could keep active and outdoors, no matter the weather, we purchased some merino for our first child four years ago. He thrashed it. If there was dirt, he found it. Water? He was in it. Trees? Climbed them. His Merino prevailed.

We passed the Merino garments on to his younger brother. He repeated the process; arguably with more gusto. Again the Merino prevailed.

Our youngest is yet to have his turn with these garments but we’ve no doubt when he does that he’ll exert the same tests as the first two kids did.

We also know that we’ll continue to wash the garments in the washing machine, throw them in the dryer, put them back on number three, await mud, water and trees, and still, the Merino is likely to prevail.

Merino isn’t invincible but it is strong and durable. The fact that it’s also easy care is a bonus for anyone in charge of the washing!

You can read more about the Merino Difference on our website.

For now, we’re happy to report, that as part of this woolvolution test, the Merino won. Although you could argue the kids won too – they got to play happily in all kinds of weather, warm, dry and comfortable in their Merino.

Join us in keeping kids active. Join our woolvolution.

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