April 11, 2016 1 min read

Nature's miracle wool - our natural organic merino wool for babies and children from New Zealand

We're taking it to the streets now, merino banners held high. We want the message to be heard, we want to immerse all babies and children in pure goodness. No more torturous itchy bulky wool, no more chemicals on your skin - don't put up with it, join our shift to Merino, now.

A couple of months back, we were invited to present to a group of fabulous Mom Bloggers (and one cool Dad blogger) in Copenhagen.

There is honestly nothing more daunting than taking your product to market, let alone having to present it to a group of respected, product savvy, market leading bloggers, who also happen to be the very group you are hoping to win over with your offering.

It seems there is support for what we’re doing! Check out the comments and articles here.

We’re so grateful for all the kind feedback. 

It’s great to know that others see the benefits of what we’re doing; matching Merino to beautifully designed children’s clothing. Getting the best for our children.

Join the shift to Merino. We’re calling it a woolvolution.

X Roots & Wings.