February 25, 2016 2 min read

So soft against the skin - pure and natural

Sometimes I wonder where I would have been without merino to wrap my babies in.  As a mum, I like to know my kids are comfortable no matter the weather. Living in the north of New Zealand, we can sometimes get four seasons in one day. One minute warm, the next raining and blowing a gale.

When my first boy was born, I received an inordinate amount of merino. Clothing, blankets, beanies and booties – all made out of this fiber that I hadn’t previously had much experience with.

Merino is technically a type of wool so I immediately thought it would be scratchy or get uncomfortable and heavy, but it didn’t. Instead I found my baby was happiest when in merino because of the way the fiber works.

What I discovered is this – merino breathes. It is an active fiber and even when processed into clothing and garments, it performs much the same way it would if it was still attached to the sheep that grew it. It warms in the cold, draws moisture away from the body, and cools in the heat while always remaining super soft.

I also love how robust merino is. Sure it’s soft and luxurious to touch but you can wash and wear it over and over and over again.  It goes through the washing machine just like cotton would but dries in half the time.  

The merino items we have are so robust they have been passed from our first-born to our second and will soon go on to wrap our third in warmth and softness. They still look and feel like new. There is no piling, no fading and they’ve kept their shape.

But don’t take my word for it, try Roots & Wings Merino for yourself. Yep, we’re open for business. 

From New Zealand’s Southern Alps to Denmark; organic merino designed for Danes.


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