March 24, 2016 1 min read


Easter Bunny here.

When the guys at Roots & Wings asked if I wanted to guest post this month, I didn’t need asking twice. I hopped right over!

Spring has sprung in Scandinavia. For bunnies that means goodbye to the cold of our little burrows and hello to more frolicking outside.

Egg-specially at Easter when Mrs Bunny and I create egg-laborate Easter egg hunts.

While Spring does mean we begin to shed the big jump-ers, it’s not so warm that we slide into our bunny shorts straight away.

We want to bounce outdoors with our little bunnies, but we still need to make sure they’re warm enough…without being too warm. Oh, it’s a bunny of a conundrum!

So Mrs Bunny and I; we choose 100% organic merino. Why?

Well, like the fine sheep who grow it in New Zealand, we know Spring is the time to relieve ourselves of the heavy winter coats… but we still like a light covering of warmth. That’s what merino provides.

We love having our bunnies outside - jumping through the budding flowers, out of the burrow, exploring happily yet warm, safe and dry.

Obviously Mrs Bunny and I prefer Roots & Wings. It gives our bunnies Roots to grow, and wings to bounce even higher.


P.S. Check out the base layers on the Roots & Wings site. Also, there’s an egg-cellent Sweet Easter GIVEAWAY happening on our Instagram