December 28, 2016 1 min read

Baby's go-to item for all occasions - in soft organic merino

It's Friday night and you're heading out ..what to wear?

Let's face it, clothing and wardrobe planning is just not getting the same attention it did pre-baby.

Good planning often ends up, in my case at least, covered in mash or what's worse.

And on that note I'd like to take you to Chanel...

Enter the Little Black Dress!
(apologies to the men here, but hopefully you can appreciate the analogy).

It may have been invented by Coco Chanel, but today we use it in all shapes and sizes. 

The bodysuitis to baby what the little black dress is to women.

Apart from black being a life-saving colour when you're a parent (read: get away with impromptu stains and dirt) it's the stable wardrobe item we always feel comfortable in. The one we always return to, when time is scarce (and the washing pile high). The item we can always count on.

We have designed a bodysuitthat caters to all baby's and parents' needs. If you find anything missing from the image above please do let us know.

Our bodysuits are large in size, so there is plenty room for growing children and nothing is tight....and the buttons underneath ensures permanent warm tummies.

Our largest size is 18-24 months and available in 6 colours.

Find all colours here.