August 10, 2017 3 min read

Alexander Wang is doing it, Marc Jacobs is doing it too, Donna Karan, Victoria's Secret and Versace are all doing it. Merino, the well-kept super-soft secret from down-under, is the talk of the town and is here to stay.

Long gone are the days when wool was a hidden piece of clothing only meant to keep you warm. It now has a place in every woman's closet - and in her children and husband's too.

Being both fashionable and comfortable, it's really no wonder that merino is here to stay and has become a staple piece in fashion styling. 

Designers and fashion-lovers alike are experiencing a growing passion for merino - even in sunny places like LA, where we see a lot of celebrities and fashionistas, from Rihanna and Madonna to Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung, cozying up in merino.

Its natural softness and durability makes merino one of the most versatile and eco-friendly fibres to work with.

In today's fashion world, where 'slow fashion' is becoming more popular, designers love the fact that merino wool can be stylish and functional - fashion's secret sauce!

“I have worked with wool all my life as a designer. There’s so much more to it than knitwear – it’s an amazingly versatile material and can be used in so many different ways from chic to rustic.” - Donatella Versace

Here are a few reasons why designers love merino and why you should too, especially given the fact that, within 4 weeks, we'll be heading into the in-between season and you'll want your children to stay dry, warm and comfortable in any weather:

cool in summer, warm in winter

Merino fibre actively regulates temperature, forming a micro-climate around your child's body and always retaining the optimum safe temperature. 



merino benefits

super soft against skin

Itchy wool is a thing of the past. Merino fibre measures below the threshold where itch occurs, giving it a luxuriously soft feel. 
merino benefits
easy care
Merino is naturally resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. Its waxy coating prevents deep stains, so your merino garments will look good despite rough wear. It's also machine-washable!
merino benefits
reduces skin allergies
Merino wool outperforms other fibres with its resistance to the build-up of bacteria and odour. It's also linked to lower incidences of skin allergies. 
merino benefits
Merino doesn't trap heat under the garments. The porous and lofty fabric breathes with the skin and provides an easy avenue for moist to get out. 
merino benefits
controls moisture
Merino absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in water without feeling damp or 'clammy'. The wax coating also initially repels moisture to keep it drier for longer. 
merino benefits
helps improve sleep
Research has shown that merino can help improve babies' sleep patterns. 
merino benefits
naturally fire resistant
Merino outperforms other fibres when it comes to ts natural fire resistance, without any added chemicals. 
merino benefits
Merino can stretch up to 30% its own length, always fitting snugly and comfortably.
merino benefits
With a natural UV factor of 30+, merino absorbs harmful radiation and offering a higher level of protection from the sun than other fibres. 
merino benefits
100% natural
Merino is made by nature - organic and pure. It will also dissolve in nature if you leave it there. 

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