September 01, 2017 2 min read

caring for merino

We all know that age-old fashion wisdom that says buying one quality piece will last longer and have more use than buying a few cheaper pieces of clothing. We even wrote about it in one of our recent blog posts. 

Embracing quality and durability, even if it costs a little more, is always worth it.If you want quality garments to last a lifetime, it is good to always care for it in the right way. 

While our organic merino wool is created with a lot of care and truly nature's miracle fibre, that doesn't mean it is difficult to care for. 

In fact, merino wool is one of the easiest fibres to care for, and doesn't need to be washed as often as many other fabrics. And no need to flat-dry, simply air-dry as normal (and tumble dry if it's too wet and rainy!)

Here are a few of our top tips on caring for organic merino to ensure that it lasts for years and years:


Our organic merino wool can be safely washed in the machine (it won’t shrink). To keep it looking beautiful and new for longer, wash like colours together and use a gentle, neutral wool detergent. Your merino garment is naturally resistant to odours and stains, so it doesn't need to be washed as frequently. 

In fact, we prefer simply hanging it on the line and let the wind work with the merino to self- cleanse.


When we say easy-care, things like wrinkle-resistant are right at the top of the list. To make things easy on yourself and on your merino garment, simply fold your garment straight from the dryer or the clothing line.


We’ve all experienced those little holes in our woollen garments. There are ways to store your precious wool (merino!) to minimise the moths attacking.

Make sure your merino garment is completely dry before storing as they get in there if it’s humid and damp.

Mothballs amongst your garments are smelly, instead try a natural solution like cedar blocks or lavender. Moth’s hate that.

Store your merino in a wicker basket – it has the same effect as the cedar. Or if you pack it away for the next child, put it in a cotton bag that closes. The cotton will allow the merino to breathe. Never use plastic!


There are a few key things you should NEVER do to your merino. 
If you want to make sure you stop your bad wool habits, click on the relevant link to learn more:

Click here for Europe
Click here for Rest-of-World

Always make sure to check the instructions on your garment's label before washing or drying and don't wring or rub the garment harshly. 

Additional resources: Caring for your Merino Wool, The Woolmark Company.