Handmade with care in New Zealand

Our Roots & Wings Merino business is built on trust: We trust nature to provide us with the purest quality merino and we know that you trust us to select the most ethical option during each step of our sourcing and manufacturing process.

This trust, combined with quality and sustainability are at the heart of creating our soft-as-a-cloud, easy care garments that not only make your little ones feel comfortable and cosy, but is also easy on the earth and supports the local economy. 

That means considering the total life impact of what we produce, from the sustainably- grown fibres we use, to our less-harmful dyes, right through to getting to know the experts who make our garments.

 merino manufacturing

All our garments are hand-sewn...


merino manufacturing quality check

...carefully checked


merino manufacturing

and steamed to ensure they are read-to-wear. 


Handmade in New Zealand for your child

Every Roots & Wings Merino garment is hand-sewn by expert local seamstresses with more than 30 years' experience working with beautiful, quality merino.  

Your child's suit is sewn, checked and steamed so it's ready-to-wear. To ensure the quality and durability of our garments, we also perform strict quality checks on every piece, first by our on-site quality control manager, and then by us.

Once it arrives at our door we carefully package each order by hand, then send it off to you so your little one can enjoy it for many years to come. 

We believe in transparency and the importance of knowing where your child's clothes come from and knowing the people behind the process. 


Read more about our manufacturing process and our ethical factory that knit our organic merino in rural New Zealand here.

Shop quality organic merino garments, made with care in New Zealand by local experts, here.