March 22, 2017 2 min read

merino sheep

Our merino sheep might look pretty simple – cute, fluffy creatures that eat organicgreen grass and enjoy the breath-taking views of New Zealand’s snow-capped alps all day, every day.

Not as simple as they look, oursheep carry some very sophisticated technical ‘fabric’ on their bodies.

Lucky for us, we found one of the last certifiedflocks of organic merinosheep in New Zealand!

Theirfibres keep our babies cosy &warm in winterand cool & comfortable in summer!

Yes, you read that right…merino wool is able to keep your baby comfy and confident in any weather, meaning that your quality merino pieces can be used throughout the year.

Did you know? Newborn babies cannot regulate their own temperatures during the first few months of life.

    baby on merino wool blanket

the wonder wool

In 2007, Laing et al conducted a study on athletes that wore merino clothing versus athletes that wore other active wear fabrics. 

In this study, they found greaterstability:

  • in skin temperature while wearing merino
  • in core temperature when running, walking and resting in merino (in hot and cold conditions)

Merino is a true “wonder wool”, and it is the perfect solution for your baby in almost any temperature.

The same set of merino basics can keep your baby warm during sub-zero nights and remain comfortable during humid, warm days.

Did you know?If the body is not in a comfortable environment it can heat or cold stress, which can have serious implications

Now to the technical bit – this is where the magic happens...

The wonder of merino lies in its natural crimp, which provides garments with superior insulation and breathability.

While all wool fibres have a crimped structure, merino has more, smaller fibres than coarser wools, which means that it is able to “trap” more air pockets and keep your baby even warmer.

In warmer weather, merino wool fibres will capture the body’s moisture with its absorbing abilities andrelease it as heat, for a naturally cooling and dry effect on the body.

In addition to heat and cold, merino wool is also super-absorbent - it can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture before feeling soggy (other beautiful materials, such as silk can only absorb up to11%).

Did you know? Removing a layer when you’re hot or undoing a button and adding a second layer when you’re cold disrupts the natural internal micro climate. When wearing merino, this is done naturally. So no more second-guessing your baby’s comfort level.

toddler on merino wool blanket
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